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Welcome to the Bloc! Consider this your one-stop-shop for all things Russian. This website was made for Russian learners by a Russian learner with the express intent of encouraging others to learn Russian and travel to Russian-speaking countries. Here, I’ll keep you updated with my experiences traveling through post-Soviet countries, provide you with deep historical and cultural context to enrich your understanding of the regions, and share with you my personal Russian-language learning content!

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Check out my travel guides by region! These comprehensive guides provide all the necessary info you'll need to plan your next trip abroad including country profiles, average travel costs, transportation options, local cuisine, and more!

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I'm still planning my itineraries for the Baltic states! let's plan our trips together :)


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«Под лежачий камень вода не течёт»

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As the 7th most commonly spoken language in the world, the Russian language is at the forefront of international interest: culturally, politically, and historically. Learning to speak Russian offers a host of opportunities that can help you advance your personal and career goals. 

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Because most of my journey has been uncharted territory for me, I have made sure to take diligent notes along the way so that I can remember everything and also share it with other travelers interested in traveling/studying abroad. Here, I will post blog articles designed to help you make fully informed travel decisions, enhance your foreign language gains, and more! 


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Head over to the Language & Travel Shop to check out my favorite goodies I use for learning Russian and traveling! I've compiled all my favorite products I use when #onthebloc so that you can benefit from them when you travel abroad. Help yourself prepare and support this blog at the same time :) Счастливого пути!

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