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A Comprehensive Travel Guide


Despite its alluring countrysides and stunning Baroque capital of Vilnius, Lithuania remains relatively less well-known travel destination.  Today, Lithuania is an EU country and constitutes the largest and southern-most Baltic country in the north east of Europe. And while Lithuania today attracts tourists for its modern and lively culture, visitors can still find plenty of reminders of its long and turbulent past. History buffs can get a full picture of Lithuanian history by visiting the many castles, historical sites and museums welcoming vistors in Vilnius and all around the country. Learn all about the rulers of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, bare witness to the heart-rendering atrocities commited by both Nazi and Soviet forces in the region during the 20th century, and see how the country broke its Soviet chains to blossom into the modern EU member it is today. 

VI. cuisine

v. When to Visit

iV. average costs

iII. know before you go

iI. places to visit

i. what to expect

Table of contents

Places to Visit


What can i 

from Lithuania?




Official Language(s) – Lithuanian; English is also commonly spoken in the cities, and Russian in the countryside
Official Language – Lithuanian
Currency – Euro (EUR)
Capital City – Vilnius
Outlets – C & F
Taxi Apps – Bolt
Popular SIM Card Providers – Bite, Tele2, Telia




you go


Average Costs

Сколько стоит?

As an EU country, Lithuiania is a bit more expensive than post-Soviet countries in Central Asia or the Caucasus, but still has favorable prices in comparison with western European countries. See the average prices below for an idea of how to budget your trip! Note: These prices are for one person. 

Mid-range accomodation: €34
Mid-range meal: €9
Cappuccino: €2.71
Glass of wine: €4.50

Taxi: €6.77 for 8km
Single-ride bus ticket: €0.95
Museum ticket: €5
Glass of wine: €3.30 

Sources: Globalprice.info, Expatistan, Budgetyourtrip.com

when to visit lithuania

As with the other Baltic countries, Estonia and Lativa, Lithuania sees long, cold winters and short, mild summers. Winter months in Vilnius are snow-covered and temperatures hover around -3°C. When I visited in November 2022, I was greeted with -8°C temps, but the winter wonderland it created was a sight to behold! Although Lithuania is a rather flat country, there are ski resorts you can visit and plenty of sledding hills. Spas and saunas are also a cornerstone of Lithuanian winters and make for a cozy night in. Unlike in several other post-Soviet countries where Orthodoxy reigns supreme, Christmas in Lithuania is largely celebrated on December 25th because most Lithuanians are Catholic. Consequently, Christmas markets spring up in late November and disappear in early January, so be sure to keep this is mind if you want to be there for the festivities. 

Summer months aren't as hot as one might expect (average temperatures from 16°C-19°C), but they do get a decent amount of rain so be sure to pack an umbrella if you plan to visit then. Despite this, summer in Lithuania is great for visitors who want to head to the coast and swim in the ocean or see the lush green landscapes the country has to offer.

Spring and Autumn are perfect for visitors who don't want to deal with crowds of tourists. Less tourists and cheaper prices as a result are great incentives to visit during these months, but can be a bit chilly so bring a coat!



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